1x Kombucha culture (scoby)

1x Fairment jar 64oz (1893 ml)

1x Cloth

1x Rubber band

1x Organic cane sugar (100 g)

1x Organic tea mix (12g)

1x Handbook (English)

1x Step-by-step instructions (English)

Your Kombucha Starter Kit

RAW Kombucha has been around for a while (roughly 2000 years to be exact!) but right now, it's the new big thing. Fairment lets you brew it at home yourself using the Starter Kit. All you have to do is unbox, set it up and wait until it's ready whilst millions of microbes do their magic. You can make as much as you like and have it as often as you want. It's totally easy, totally natural, and completely to your taste.

Make microbes do their magic!


Step-by-step instructions, favorite recipes, a handbook with tips, tricks & troubleshooting



Your Kombucha Starter Kit (incl. scoby, tea, jar, sugar and handbook with recipes)

Everything you need to get started in your Kombucha Starter Kit
Kombucha - you've heard all about it and now you want to enjoy it for yourself?

Admittedly, you could also buy ready-made Fairment Kombucha. But we have a few arguments why we recommend brewing it yourself with your own Kombucha Starter Kit:

Making kombucha yourself is fun and a breeze!
It's cheaper to make it yourself than buying a bottled product!
Homemade kombucha is active, alive and not pasteurized!
You can customize the taste, ingredients and residual sugar!
We think these reasons are more than enough to take your Kombucha set and join the ranks as a hobby brewer.

This is what's included in our Kombucha Starter Kit to get you up and running:

  1. The kombucha culture (SCOBY)
    The kombucha culture or SCOBY is the engine of fermentation in your Kombucha Starter Kit. It can swim on the surface or sink in the jar, either way is fine. Interestingly, a new SCOBY will gradually grow with each new batch.
  2. The fermentation jar with cotton cover and lid 1.9 L
    Of course, your new SCOBY also needs a home where it can do its work undisturbed. Here you have to pay attention to a couple of things. For best results, the surface should be relatively large and well ventilated. This means that flatter fermentation vessels tend to be slightly better than taller ones. Glass works well and although the kombucha culture doesn‘t need light, non-excessive exposure doesn‘t harm the culture either.
  3. The tea mix
    The tea is the de facto "substrate". The SCOBY needs and uses its constituents for fermentation, but be careful: Not all tea is the same! When we talk about tea, we mean the tea of the tea plant - camelia sinensis. Rose hips, good morning tea and yerba maté are technically herbal infusions and do not provide the kombucha with all the substances it needs. It is therefore advisable to always use a tea base and, if desired, to supplement with herbs. In your starter kit you will receive a mixture of black and green tea from us.
  4. The sugar
    Sugar is the fuel for bacteria and yeasts. Through various processes, the disreputable sugar is ultimately broken down and becomes that what makes kombucha - various organic acids. They give its revitalizing effect and its unique taste. White sugar is metabolized most effectively, but other forms of sugar, such as cane sugar, honey and others, also work.
  5. The recipe
    How much sugar and how much tea and for how long? The handbook and the step-by-step instructions guide you along your path to brewing and fermenting your ideal cup of delicious kombucha.

Have fun with your Kombucha Starter Kit!

Images may differ from the delivered product.


Kombucha culture (scoby)*:
Kombucha culture (scoby)*
Tea mix:
Green tea*
Black tea*

Cane sugar*
*certified organic

*keep cool*

Note: Please store in the refrigerator at + 3 °C to + 7 °C or use immediately.


Starter Kit Kombucha - Make organic Kombucha yourself


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