Your fairment jun scoby

With the magic Jun-SCOBY you can easily brew the mystical Jun-Champagne yourself.

Get our Fairment Jun tea mushroom and brew your own Kombucha Champagne. Fresh, vibrant and just the way you like it. Jun Kombucha is made on the basis of green tea and honey and is a Kombucha of a special kind. Our tea mushrooms are grown by hand and with love in our manufacture in Berlin exclusively on the basis of organic raw materials. They transform simple tea into delicious living Kombucha. Our tea mushrooms come floating in the brewing liquid and conjure up to 5 liters of kombucha at once on the first run. Best of all, with each brew, your SCOBY grows and thrives, quickly producing offshoots.

Length: 19.5 cm
Width: 19,5 cm
Height: 2,5 cm

You will receive: 1x Jun culture with starter liquid.
Product with German labeling.


Green Tea
Jun kombucha culture


Organic Jun-Kombucha Culture SCOBY with starter liquid (250 ml)

€11,96 / 100ml

incl. Tax excl. Shipping

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