Vegan Camembert - how to do it

Vegan Camembert with cheese pleasure from nothing but nut! Today we're going to show you a recipe for making your own vegan Camembert at home. Making vegan cheese with noble mold involves more advanced fermentation methods. Step by step, we'll explain how you can make plant-based Camembert. Just like Camembert made from animal milk, vegan Camembert is also inoculated with traditional mold cultures. In taste, appearance and consistency this is in no way inferior to the original. Turn your kitchen into a vegan cheese counter.

The fermentation process in vegan Camembert

During the fermentation process, the white mold germinates in the first few days. From about the third day of ripening, you can see the first colonies of mold on the surface of the cheese. Soon a dense white lawn forms. Ripening proceeds from the outside to the inside. The mold itself does not penetrate the cheese, but soaks the cheese from the outside in with its enzymes. They allow the cheese to ripen inside.

Have fun following this extremely exciting fermentation process and enjoy your own vegan Camembert at the end.

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Do I need a starter culture to make vegan Camembert?
For the production of vegan Camembert, you need a mesophilic bacterial culture and a mold culture. These are specially selected cultivated forms that do not have any potential to be harmful to health, such as the formation of mycotoxins. Therefore, only use cultures that are suitable for food production.

When is the cashew Camembert ready?
In general, we recommend giving the cashew Camembert between 2 and 4 weeks. At ideal temperature and humidity, you will see the first visible colonies of Penicillium candidum on the third day. After the entire Camembert has developed a white layer of mold, it must ripen again in cheese paper for at least one week. This develops an intense, cheesy aroma.

Is vegan Camembert healthy?
In fresh fermented foods, like Camembert; lactic acid bacteria can be found. These can have a positive effect on your immune system and gut health. You won't look for additives in homemade plant-based cheese alternatives. Vegan Camembert is a great food for a healthy diet.


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