Mold? No chance! These weights made of soda-lime glass reliably keep your ferments under the brine. Practical, stylish and easy to clean. A must-have for all fermentistas.

Information about fairment fermentation weights

A critical point in fermenting cabbage and vegetables is that the ferment must be completely covered by the brine.

During the course of fermentation, it often happens that the ferment rises above the brine. This is the number 1 reason for mold to form and the fermentation not to succeed.

These glass weights were specifically designed to prevent this problem. By placing the weight on top of the ferment, it permanently holds it under the brine and eliminates the formation of mold by preventing oxygen from reaching the ferment. That is why these jar weights are particularly heavy.

The jars are made of soda-soda glass and are accordingly particularly stable and unbreakable. The non-porous surface prevents the development of bacterial foci and discoloration of the weight, as happens, for example, with weights made of clay or ceramic. The glass weights are of course food safe and lead-free and can be washed in the dishwasher.

The practical handle allows for easy handling. So you can easily insert the weight and remove it again.


Diameter: Approx. 7 cm diameter
Thickness: Approx. 2.6+/-0.2 cm
Weight: Approx. 195+/-20 g
Suitable for all Ball Mason Jar Wide Mouth (jars) from our store


Fermentation Weights With Handle (4 pieces)


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