This special fermentation system is designed to make the fermentation of kefir, vegetables and cabbage easier and safer. Simply place on top and screw tight. Fits all wide mouth Ball Mason Jars. No more fermentation bungs that require maintenance!

Information about the Fermentation system

Take your fermentation to a new level with our Fairment Fermentation Attachments.

Finally, no more fermentation bungs to check and fill with water daily. Just put them on, screw them down and get started.

The fermentation tops fit all wide mouth Mason Jar jars (16 oz, 24oz, 32oz, 64oz). Unfortunately, incompatible with the 3.4l jar.

They ensure that oxygen does not enter the jar, but at the same time allow gases produced during fermentation to escape. This ensures safe fermentation, prevents mold from forming and the jar from bursting.

The included pump removes any oxygen harmful to fermentation from the fermentation vessel. Mold adé.


Height: 20 cm Width: 10 cm Depth: 10 cm


Fermentation system with extractor pump


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