1x baker's blade
5x cutting blades
1x storage bag

With this elegant, razor-sharp helper, cutting into bread dough is easier than you think.

Information about the Lame

The super-thin blades sit stably and do not wobble. They allow for maximum precision and easy scoring. A few cuts on the surface of the bread prevent the crust from cracking sideways and your dough gets air to rise to the top.

The handcrafted wooden handle fits comfortably in the grip of your hand. The rod is stainless steel and can be fitted with a standard razor blade.


The blades can be used on both sides before they can be replaced. 5 are included.

A pouch is included to keep your knife safe, of course.


The razor blades are very sharp. Be careful when you put the blades on the baker's knife.


Length: 18.5 cm


Lame with wooden handle


incl. Tax excl. Shipping

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