Vegan tarte flambée with cashew cream cheese

You have made vegan cashew cream cheese and are looking for delicious and easy recipes to use it not only as a spread? We have a recipe for tarte flambée vegan for you, combining sourdough with vegan cream cheese.

We all know the classic form of Alsatian tarte flambée, topped with sour cream, bacon and onions. But today we're taking a change with a vegan tarte flambée version with vegetable sour cream and cashew cream cheese. In addition, our vegan tarte flambée is topped with red onions and smoked tofu. The tarte flambée dough is great to make with sourdough and tastes especially aromatic.

If you don't have cashew cream cheese yet, you can find the easy recipe on our blog. For vegan cream cheese you need only a few ingredients.

Why make tarte flambée vegan with sourdough?

The taste

We belong to the fermentation team - we also prefer to make the tarte flambée dough with the help of microbes. The tarte flambée dough does not turn sour due to the sourdough, but gets a particularly aromatic taste. This complements wonderfully with the fresh taste of the cashew cream cheese. Try this simple recipe for yourself and you'll taste what we mean.

The consistency

Since we prefer a little airiness in the otherwise crispy-thin tarte base, we make the tarte base with sourdough. The activities of the yeasts make the dough fluffier than traditional recipes without the use of yeasts.

Better for your gut

The sourdough starter causes the grain to ferment. During this process, the flour is already predigested by the microorganisms. The dough becomes more digestible for our body.

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Are you still missing the necessary equipment for your vegan tarte flambée? With the Starter Kit Sourdough you get all the utensils you need to get started. A living and active sourdough is of course also included. Turn your kitchen into an organic bakery!

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What ingredients do I need for vegan tarte flambée?
You need an active sourdough culture, water, vegetable oil, flour, salt, vegan sour cream, cashew cream cheese and the desired topping for your tarte flambée (e.g. smoked tofu).

Is fermented tarte flambée dough healthier than regular?
During fermentation, the flour is "predigested" by the microorganisms it contains. This makes the grain more digestible for our body and nutrients can be better utilized. Due to the contained yeasts you get an airy dough.

Is cashew cream cheese healthy?
In addition to the good lactic acid bacteria that multiply during fermentation, the fiber contained contributes to a healthy digestion. Vegan cream cheese can therefore contribute to a healthy, balanced diet.

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