Vegan feta cheese recipe

Feta is the most popular cheese in Greece. It is also used in Turkish cuisine, as well as throughout the Balkans. It is suitable as a garnish for salads, as a puff pastry filling or pizza topping. But also in Germany people like to eat the white brine cheese. In the plant-based diet, vegan feta is also becoming increasingly popular. Traditionally, feta is produced from sheep's milk and cut into 1 cm thick slices. Hence the name: "Feta" is Greek and means "slice". The intense flavor makes it a very special cheese and is not so easy to imitate as a vegan version.

But we have here a great, aromatic recipe for delicious vegan almond feta. Our version is not only made with a few healthy ingredients, it's also easy to prepare. You create the firmness in our recipe with agar-agar, a natural gelling agent made from red algae.

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What is Agar-Agar?
Agar-agar is a polysaccharide that can form a gel-like structure. It is extracted from the cell walls of some algae species (e.g. red algae) and comes from the East Asian region. This gelling agent is neutral in taste and a popular vegan substitute for gelatin.

Is agar-agar healthy?
Agar-agar is largely made up of swellable carbohydrates, which are good fiber for your body. It can contribute to good digestion. However, in larger amounts (about 4g or more), agar can have a laxative effect. But since agar gels very well in small amounts, you usually only need 1-2g.

Is vegan feta healthy?
If the cheese alternative is nut-based, it contains lots of healthy fats, proteins and fiber and is a super addition to your healthy diet. With increasing fermentation time, the sugar content decreases and organic acids such as lactic acid are produced. Besides valuable vitamins and trace elements, these products contain microorganisms that can contribute to your intestinal health.


  1. Feta (Φέτα): Weltberühmter Schafskäse aus Griechenland (

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