Vegan Cashew cheese recipe

A delicious vegan cashew cheese can be prepared quickly and easily from cashews. Cashews are particularly suitable for vegan cheese making because they have a low inherent flavor. The fermentation is completed within 2 days. You can quickly taste the first results without waiting for a long time. The production process is beginner-friendly and offers you a good start in the production of fermented vegan cheese.

Make vegan cashew cheese yourself

The advantage of making your own cheese is that you can experiment with different ingredients. You can refine your cheese with spices and herbs or mix in ingredients such as olives or dried tomatoes during the production process.

The benefits of fermented vegan cheese, compared to non-fermented cheeses, are many. For one, it uses strains of bacteria that can have a positive effect on your intestinal flora. On the other hand, you get a pleasantly acidic fermented cheese, which comes close in taste to cheese from animal milk.

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Is cashew cheese healthy?
Like regular cheese, a vegan cheese alternative can contribute to a healthy, balanced diet. In addition to the good lactic acid bacteria that multiply during fermentation, the fiber it contains contributes to healthy digestion.

When is the fermented cashew cheese ready?
When the vegan cheese is ready is up to you. You can tell that the vegan cheese is ready to be fermented when it has your desired acidity level. The desired acidity level is very individual. The longer you ferment the vegan cheese alternative, the firmer and also more acidic it will become.

Do I need a bacterial culture to make fermented vegan cheese?
Yes, you need a bacterial culture to make fermented cheese. Sometimes probiotics are used as starters when making fermented cheese. To ensure quality and success, we recommend that you use a special mesophilic bacterial culture. You can get this from us in the fairment store.


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