Ricotta substitute: make vegan alternatives yourself

We all know ricotta, but have you ever tried a ricotta substitute? We show you vegan alternatives that you can quickly and easily prepare yourself at home.
Did you know that ricotta is a cream cheese? "Ricotta" is Italian and means "cooked again" and that already gives a hint about its production. Traditionally, it is made from the whey of animal milk. It is made by adding cream to the whey and then precipitating it with acid and high temperatures. Then the separated cheese mass is skimmed and separated from the liquid. The remaining liquid drips off in a basket and the ricotta takes on its typical shape.

So much for the traditional production of animal ricotta. And in fact, the production process with vegan almond-based ricotta is very similar, except that instead of using animal ingredients, you work with plant milk. And the result is convincing - mild creamy pleasure, which is super suitable for sweet and savory dishes.

And, did you get a craving for ricotta substitute? Great, here we present you a delicious alternative ricotta basic recipe and a great recipe for a sweet ricotta cream.

[[ recipeID=recipe-8korjuwql, title=Basic recipe: almond ricotta ]]

[[ recipeID=recipe-9korljgay, title=Ricotta cream with candied walnuts ]]

Do your ricotta substitutes taste delicious? Post a photo of your living masterpieces on Facebook or Instagram and link @fairment. We want to see your creations!


Can I make the ricotta substitute from store-bought almond milk?
Instead of making your own almond milk, you can use two quarts of ready-made, store-bought almond milk. The almond ricotta will be firmer and creamier if you make the almond milk yourself.

Is vegan ricotta healthy?
If the cheese alternative is nut-based, it contains lots of healthy fats, protein and fiber. During fermentation, sugars are converted into organic acids such as lactic acid. The products contain live microorganisms that can support your gut health.

What nuts can I use to make vegan ricotta substitute?
You can use a variety of nuts as a base for your ricotta substitute. For example, you can use cashews to make it.


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