Make vegan cheese yourself

Making your own vegan cheese is easier than you think! You can make a delicious dairy-free alternative from cashews at home in your own kitchen. You only need a few ingredients and after two days the cheese alternative is fermented and ready to eat.

The cashews give your cheese a creamy consistency and a mild taste. Lactic acid fermentation during fermentation gives your cheese a lactic flavor, similar to animal cheese. Healthy fiber, live microorganisms and good fats can contribute to better health. Don't get bored, you can modify the vegan cheese recipes. We have created three recipes for you. Go ahead: make your own vegan cheese and enjoy!

[[ recipeID=recipe-9korh4gwu, title=Herb cream cheese ]]

[[ recipeID=recipe-9korhiiiy, title=Fig-walnut cheese ]]

[[ recipeID=recipe-9korhv91c, title=Masala cream cheese with black cumin ]]


Is it complicated to make vegan cheese yourself?
No, the production of vegan cheese is very simple. The fermentation of these cheeses takes only a few days. You can quickly taste your first results. The manufacturing process is beginner-friendly and is suitable as an introduction to the world of vegan cheese.

Is vegan cheese healthy?
If the cheese alternative is nut-based, it contains healthy fats, proteins and fiber. As the fermentation time increases, the sugar content decreases and organic lactic acids such as lactic acid are produced. In addition to valuable vitamins and trace elements, these products contain live microorganisms. These contribute to your intestinal health and super complement your healthy diet.

What is the shelf life of my vegan cheese?
Store your vegan cheese in a fresh-keeping box in the refrigerator. It will keep there for about a week. Make sure you work cleanly during production to avoid rapid spoilage.

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