Fruity Baked Brie (vegan)

Fruity Baked Brie is a special aromatic cheese. It is great as a delicious side dish or on bread. But not only raw, but also as a baked cheese it is a real delicacy. Here we have a great recipe for fruity baked brie for you. Fruity Baked Brie is garnished with fresh blueberries and almonds and develops a unique aroma in the oven. The recipe requires few ingredients, is simple, quick, vegan and delicious. Baking takes only a few minutes.

What is Back Brie?

Traditionally, brie is made from cow's milk. For this recipe we use vegan, self-fermented cashew brie. You can make it yourself at home with a little time and patience. In addition to cashews, you will need a culture of lactic acid bacteria and a culture of noble mold. You can find all the necessary accessories in the fairment store. If you don't have time to prepare the cheese, you can find vegan cashew cheese in some well-stocked supermarkets. But we recommend you to make it yourself and bake it according to our recipes 🙂

How is Brie different from Camembert?

The noble mold varieties Brie and Camembert are very similar in type. Do you know the differences? One eponymous difference is the origin of the cheeses. Brie originally comes from the small town of Meaux in the Brie region. Camembert recipes, on the other hand, come from the small village of Camembert in Normandy. Industrially produced, however, many supermarket products no longer come from there.

Both cheese recipes use the noble fungus "Penicillium camemberti". It forms the typical white layer of mold. The interior of Brie is usually soft and creamy, the taste aromatic and slightly acidic. Camembert has a firmer structure and may even develop holes as it matures. It tastes slightly sharper and becomes stronger with aging.

You see: there are differences. Would you rather bake with cashew camembert than cashew brie for this delicious fruity baked brie, it works just as well!

[[ recipeID=recipe-8koy0j5y3, title=Fruity baked Brie (vegan) with blueberries ]]

Did you like this recipe for fruity baked brie? Did you succeed with your fruity Back Brie? Post a picture on Facebook or Instagram and link @fairment. We want to see your great creations and your own recipes! Let microbes run wild!


Is vegan cheese healthy?
Vegan fermented cheese can be very healthy. It contains many microorganisms that are useful for your digestion. If you use nuts as a vegetable base, the cheese contains healthy fats and important minerals.

What do I need to make vegan brie?
In addition to nuts, you will need a culture of lactic acid bacteria and a culture of noble mold. Equipment such as a stand mixer, cheesecloth, and cheese molds are helpful for the production process.

Are Brie and Camembert different?
Both types of noble mold are very similar. However, they originated in different regions of France and have differences in texture, appearance and taste. However, they are both delicious!

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