Cashew cheese with beetroot easy to make yourself

We show you how you can easily make delicious, vegan cashew cheese with beetroot in your own kitchen. With millions of microbes. Without moo and baa! The production process is beginner-friendly and offers you a good introduction to the vegan cheese world.

Was du über Cashewkäse mit Roter Beete wissen solltest

The advantage of making it yourself is that you can experiment with different ingredients. Cashews are suitable for this vegan cheese recipe because of their low inherent flavor. We focus on the addition of beetroot in this cashew cheese recipe. With its natural earthy and tart flavor, it pairs perfectly with the tart fermented cashew cheese. This flavor uses strains of bacteria that can have a positive effect on your gut flora. The tubers give your vegan cashew cheese a pink color. A real eye-catcher!

The spreadable, vegan cashew cheese is full of life, beetroot and it can be quickly and easily refined with all kinds of toppings.
Cow's milk. Absolute cheese for the climate. So hands off the udder and get to the nuts!

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Do you like the vegan cheese alternative? Then show us your great creation! Post a photo of your living masterpiece on Facebook or Instagram and link @fairment.


Why does my cashew cheese with beetroot turn brown after a few days?
The red color of the cooked beetroot in the cheese fades after 3 to 4 days of storage in the refrigerator. This is normal because over time the colorants break down. Beet juice will keep the pink color in the cashew cheese longer.

How do I get the red color out of my cheesecloth?
Wash the cheesecloth with cold water after use. Then place it in cold water for 30 minutes. It can also be washed at 30°C.

How does the cashew cheese get a firmer consistency?
1) Store the cashew cheese overnight in the refrigerator for further thickening.
2) Extend the draining time of the vegan cheese. This will help it gain firmness.
3) Add 1 tsp of transglutaminase to the fairment cashew cheese recipe at the beginning and blend with the rest of the ingredients.

Do I need a starter culture to ferment vegan cheese?
Yes. Sometimes probiotics are used as starters when making vegan cheese. However, since the dosage is often not reached or not all bacteria are included, a specially prepared bacterial culture should be used to make vegan cheese.

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