Buying a yogurt maker - everything you need to know

Make your own yogurt instead of buying it is our motto! All you need is milk, yogurt cultures, a yogurt maker and a thermometer - that's it! Simple, delicious, healthy. Today we'll tell you what the right yogurt maker is all about.

 In the fairment shop you can order our yogurt maker without electricity. To make your own creamy yogurt.

What is a yogurt maker?

With a yogurt maker - also called a yogurt maker - you can easily make your own yogurt from milk. It is basically a container with a lid that works either with or without electricity. The job of the yogurt maker is to keep the milk warm. This creates the perfect environment for the yogurt cultures. These heat-loving lactic acid bacteria feel most comfortable at around 40 °C and ferment your milk into delicious, creamy yogurt. The container usually comes with one or more jars. The jars are where the yogurt is made. You put them in your container so that your milk mixture ferments into yogurt in them. The jars are also ideal for storing the finished yogurt.

Making yogurt yourself with a yogurt maker has several advantages:

  • You decide what goes into it
  • No artificial colours or preservatives
  • The finished yogurt is cheaper than in the shops.
  • Vegan yogurt can also be made
  • It tastes especially good - we think!
  • Depending on the culture, mild or sour yogurt can be fermented

Yogurt maker with or without electricity?

Most yogurt makers are connected to the mains and keep your milk warm electrically. This allows the milk to become your yogurt. Some have an automatic switch-off with a timer. The timer determines when the yogurt maker switches off automatically. With other models, the appliance is switched off manually. If you forget to switch off the appliance, the yogurt may take too long to ripen. The consistency and taste will suffer.

Electroless yogurt makers work by heat insulation. Simply place a small container of milk in the yogurt maker. You then fill hot water into the container to keep the milk warm.

We would like to show you a few advantages why yogurt makers without electricity are often the better choice:

  • You can take it with you when you travel.
  • It is flexible if there is little space in the kitchen.
  • If you make yogurt a lot and often, you can save electricity.

Yogurt maker buying tips

To buy the best appliance for your needs, you should decide on the basis of the following features:

  • What is the capacity of the appliance?
  • How is the appliance made?
  • Does the yogurt maker work with or without electricity?
  • Is there an automatic switch-off with timer?

Looking for a high-quality yogurt maker without electricity? The yogurt maker by fairment is electricity-free, made of stainless steel and plastic-free! Good for the environment, good for your microbes. The construction and its rim insulation ensure a long-lasting water temperature inside the container. Because it is made of metal, it is robust and durable.

Making yogurt is not only fun, it also looks good. Get the miracle tool and let the microbes run wild in your home.

The rest of the yogurt maker accessories

Are you still looking for the complete accessories for your first own yogurt? We promise you, making it is super easy with the right utensils.

As well as the yogurt maker, you'll need a few other essentials to get you started. In our yogurt starter kit you will not only find the yogurt maker and the matching jar, but also everything else you need to get started. Of course, the matching yogurt cultures are also included!

In the VEGAN yogurt starter kit, you will find vegan yogurt cultures instead of natural yogurt cultures. They are specially designed to ferment plant-based milk alternatives.

Once you've got all your accessories together, including the yogurt maker, it's time to start making yogurt. On the fairment blog you can find our instructions on how to make your own yogurt in 4 easy steps.

Let the microbes run wild!

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